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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evel

“Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars.” –Robert Craig ‘Evel’ Knievel “Healing is expensive, pain is painful, and chicks dig sensible, steadily-employed guys with a killer cubicle.” –Evel Knievel’s insurance agent, Herbert Nudds When I was a kid, my hero was Evel Knievel. … Continue reading

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Writing an American Classic, One Rejection Letter at a Time, or, ‘We’re just Knopf that into you’

“…this is a badly misdirected talent and … this huge sprawling and inconclusive novel would probably have small sales and sardonic indignant reviews from every side.”  — Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. publishing house’s rejection letter of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, an … Continue reading

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