Are you in control of your own life? Do you wake up every day feeling incomplete, misplaced, adrift? As if you are at the mercy of the currents of fate?

I see you everywhere as I navigate the day. Working the checkout at the grocery store. Driving the cabs downtown. Waiting tables. Manning the nursing station at the hospital. Meeting a prospective client for a power lunch. You have that look on your face. Is this my life? What am I doing here, forcing myself to care passionately about warranty plans, battery life, and wireless rates?

I know that look well, because I wear it too.

It is the look of a world-weary dreamer. Someone who has been conditioned and programmed into disproportionate preoccupations with things which are ultimately trivial (Season premieres! Fashion disasters! Celebrity scandals!). Someone who has adopted the posture and mannerisms of a “responsible adult”, while abandoning the inner child within, the part of us that dreams without boundaries and recognizes no limitations.

Fortunately, my orphaned inner child is resilient. Every so often, I hear him pounding on his locked door, demanding to be set free.

Lately, the pounding has grown louder.

As I stand up in a conference room and present process enhancements, I can hear him. As I work late into the night on a sales proposal, I can hear him, louder still. His pounding and shouting provide an unsettling soundtrack as I walk into offices populated with people who have the look of world-weary dreamers.

I know that look well, because I wear it too. But not for long. I can’t ignore the pounding at the door any longer. It’s time for me to start wading against the current and write my own story. I’m hoping to find a courageous few to join me.

Our Hero is a private sector drone, father of three, happily married to a formidable, beautiful wife who has given him one year to pursue his dream of becoming a successful writer. This is the true account of his journey, and a call to adventure for anyone who is looking for more.


14 Responses to About

  1. I read one of your posts and think you’re an excellent writer! :) ~Sherry

  2. Jenny Kovatovich says:

    I saw your New Year’s resolution and am hoping for you to find the step, ledge, or high cliff you need to make that leap. Kudos to you for dreaming!

    • Our Hero says:

      Hey, Happy New Year Jen. Thanks for the encouragement. Usually when people encourage me to find a ledge or somesuch I feel badly. This time, you have made me feel gladly.

  3. Laura says:

    Go for it, Daniel! If you’re called to do something, don’t ignore it. It must be what the world needs. Best of luck!

    • Our Hero says:

      Thanks Laura. I think that sentiment goes for everybody. The world needs people to follow their instincts and passions, rather than always chasing paychecks.

  4. annacorban says:

    Hi. I’m 3 weeks into my 1 year of a very similar quest as yours. I’ll have to catch up on your posts and learn from your journey. Will be cheering you down the home stretch.

  5. Carol King says:

    Congrats on following your dream. I am so up for a similar challenge.

  6. Catherine Brito says:

    Can you see the standing ovation…hear the applause begging for an encore! Bravo!!!

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