Rise and Grind, Little Ones!

Hail, Heroes!

It has been one entire eon since we last chatted. That is about to change. Our Hero is about to embark on a fresh new Quest, similar to the First, but way different.

This effort is in celebration of our new Adventure, and because I am preparing to pitch my second Opus, working-entitled Breaking Kayfabe, to the market. I learned a lot from my first foray into the shark-infested waters of the Hollywood spec scene, so for this Quest, I am doubling down. More of everything. More assertive marketing. More social networking. More blogging. More, more, more.  It’s time to rise and grind, if I’m to believe the motivational video I just watched.

To kick off Heroic Quest 2: Electric Boogaloo, I’ll be re-posting some of my past blog entries. Since only about a dozen or so Courageous individuals read them the first time, I thought I’d dust off a few old (and I’d argue under-appreciated) chestnuts.

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