Once More Into the Fray!

Once more into the Fray…

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.

Live and Die on this day…

Live and die on this day…

–Jon Treloar

Hail Heroes, near and far.

Have you ever poured your Heart and Soul into something, given your ever-loving all for a Goal or Dream, only to fail? Or be rejected?

It has been ages since I’ve transmitted from my remote outpost. Much has happened, and much has not happened. I fully expected to send this post from a yacht or somesuch, so sure was I about the wattage of my future as a professional confabulator.

When I last sent my signal into the ether, I was on the verge of Victory. The Culmination of a Quest. I had completed my maiden screenplay and had queried some Hollywood heavyweights. Impossibly, many even expressed a strong interest in the material. Several copies of my script sat in the hands of producers and agents, each with the profound power to explode my life. And so, after many months of frantic efforting and Questing, I waited.

And waited. And so on.

Finally, I received some responses. “The writing was strong, but not quite what I was looking for”. “Isn’t Dreamworks developing a similar project?”. “Fascinating, but not for me”. Right.

“Tense, your shoulders are. Deep tissue massage, you require.” Luke and Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back (1980). Photo source: http://www.mtv.com/news/1717975/catching-fire-empire-strikes-back-similarites/


Frustrating? Yes. Demoralizing? Hell yes.

Failure and/or rejection is a kind of metaphorical death. It takes everything a Hero has got to get back up and try again. And many people never get back up. That is an actual tragedy. Because in the striving and failing and regrouping, we become powerful. It’s our Training Montage, our Proving Ground. It’s Rocky chasing a creepy older guy’s chicken. Daniel-San waxing a creepy older guy’s car.  Luke Skywalker running around a jungle giving a tiny, creepy older guy a piggyback ride in a Baby Bjorn. If you can just endure the pain and repetition and disappointment (and creepiness), soon you will be a Heavyweight Contender/Karate Kid/Jedi Knight.

So am I going to throw in the towel? Not by a damn sight. I’m a glutton for punishment. It’s time to bear down and go twice as hard. So, after some time off, I’m regrouping.

  • First, I’ve negotiated some time off from work to dedicate to my writing. A writer has to write. Every day. Period. Amen.
  • B, I’m returning to the blogosphere. Can’t be shy about getting my wares out there, can I?
  • Nextly, I’m going to set up a website for my screenwriting work. See B above.
  • Also, I’m going to go back and rewrite my script again. Based on reader feedback, the plot is not as taut as it could be. When I’m done with it, you’ll be able to bounce a Spanish dubloon off of it.
  • Finally, I am beginning work on a new script.

It’s like I finally caught a glimpse of my Dream, and it looked me in the eye and whispered, “Come and get me if you can”. I can’t shake it now. It disturbs my sleep. It’s mine for the taking. And if it takes me months or years, I will not stop until I’ve reached my goal.

If you finally take a shot at your Dream, and you fail, are you going to hang your head and trudge home?

Or, are you going to embrace your Purpose, shout your Goal to the heavens, and retrieve your Helmet and Lance and charge once more into the Fray?




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