Pardon Our Dust!

Noble Heroes,

I know it’s been a while for our several loyal readers. Thanks for your Patience, Support and Understanding as the staff here at WYOS perform some updates to the blog site.

By way of an update, I am beavering away as I put the finishing touches on my as yet untitled screenplay project. We will be sending it out for professional coverage by a Mentor, and after the final rewrites, the next step will be to enter contests and send query letters to agents and production companies.

Also, Wifey and I are in the preliminary stages of a very exciting project for later this year. I’ve said too much. I will share more in the near future, but let’s just say it is a Game-Changer of a Quest. Clearly, I’ve said too much. Let’s just say that it is everything that this humble periodical hopes to promote. Dream-Chasing! Heroic Questing! Cubicle-Busting! Random Capitalization! OK, this time I’ve said too much. Dammit!

Stay gold Ponyboys and Ponygirls!

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