Whimsday: The Weird Beard

“Seize opportunity by the beard…” –Serbian Proverb

I’m officially renaming this weekly feature (usually Whimsical Wednesday) because I am posting this week’s edition on Thursday. By doing so, Whimsday becomes a made up day of the week, and I can move it around to suit my, you know… whims. Also the word whimsical, while completely consistent with my intention, sounds strangely effeminate when I say it out loud. Try it. Nobody outside of Samuel L. Jackson can make that word sound cool.

Anyhow, as I’ve described in disturbing detail before, I have a thing for older men with beards. It’s ok, Rachel is cool with it. It’s just that the best Mentors have great beards. Confucius. Freud. Gandalf. Kenobi. Jerry Garcia. Papa Smurf. And so forth.

And, last month, along with many other men celebrating “No Shave November“, I engaged in my very own pursuit of the hirsute, with mixed results…


Our Hero and one fairly unheroic beard.

Compared with some of the Bunyanesque beards I’ve been seeing of late, my production seems to be pretty modest. In my bittersweet, scratchy, reflective moments, I stumbled across the following personal ad, which connects the dots between my wispiness and my appreciation for hairy helpers.

beard mentor needed

Photo source: Huffington Post

That’s it! Next year, I’m getting a tutor for my unpolished bristles.

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