Whimsical Wednesday: 6 Word Stories

“Brevity is the soul of wit…” –William Shakespeare, Hamlet

So, as I am doing rewrites on my script, one thing has become abundantly clear. I can be a little wordy. For the eleven or so people reading this post, this is hardly an epiphany.

Wifey sent me this article from Wired magazine, in which some pretty famous writers and entertainers were asked to write a  story… using only six words!!! The esteemed contributors came up with some compelling, funny and bizarre narratives.

So, in order to get into a concise frame of mind, I submit the following six word stories. Believe it, this was a challenge for someone with verbal diarrhea.

  • Superman sneezed. Over ten thousand dead.
  • I loved you once before, dear.
  • “It’s no costume”, wolf says, sheepishly.
  • Depressed, the android severs his cables.
  • Aliens visited Gary, Indiana once. Once.
  • D.B. Cooper just now floated to Earth.
  • Three assassins. Two guns. One bullet.
  • Representative from Saturn has the floor.
  • Hero grabs Author’s pen. Story revised.

Now, it’s your turn. All eleven of you! Send me your best six word stories.

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2 Responses to Whimsical Wednesday: 6 Word Stories

  1. rachel says:

    Bored to tears, she changed things.

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