Whimsical Wednesday: Halloween Edition

My kids teach me things every day. Today’s lesson: no matter what you do, put your own unique stamp on it.

Ella and Lily made these skeleton art projects at school, using Q-tips. They are fairly indicative of their individual personalities.

Ella is six going on fourteen, so every girl she draws these days has what we call “teenager bangs”, which sweep across and cover one eye. You could also call it the poor man’s eyepatch. She also has an interest in and basic grasp of human anatomy, which can make for awkward conversations (“Daddy, what’s a rectum?”).

S__B490 S__7491_2

Lily is our fancy four year old, twirling her way through life. She isn’t quite as detail oriented, so as a result her skeleton has some serious medical issues. For instance, she has no spine, she’s carrying one of her legs, and there’s a finger just lying on the floor. I looked this condition up on WebMD. Her prognosis is not promising.

Notice, however, that despite these issues, Lily’s skeleton is all made up: lipstick, blush and high-impact, dramatic lashes. Because there’s never a bad time for fancy.

S__7491 S__F490_2

Happy Halloween from Our Hero and family!


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2 Responses to Whimsical Wednesday: Halloween Edition

  1. Miguel J. Zambrana Villanueva says:

    Great post!!.funny man funnyyy. I can relate.as a father as well

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