16 Responses to Step Into the Light, and Boldly Call Your Dream by Name

  1. rachel says:

    My dreams were laying dormant for a while. Too much life or the opposite of life to deal with that left me little room for dreams. But I really feel an awakening! Sorry if that sounds too “broadway musical”. I’ve started dreaming again and much like learning to walk I’m a little wobbly and sometimes I take a tumble then pound the floor in disgust! But I’ve got this dream of both ouf us quitting our day jobs, moving to a larger house in a more rural setting, writing for our livelihood, taking vacations, having lots and lots of time to do lots of lots of things we like to do. That’s what I’m starting with.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well… perhaps this only magnifies commitment phobia… saying them out loud makes it real and then it opens the door for judgment… like “she can’t do that”, or “remember when you said you were going to….” Plus sometimes the dream is better than the reality… being physically fit, a superpower executive, or a date that seemed really exciting until the conversation went in an unexpected direction…. blah blah blah… excuses, yes.
    But true to your original post, I’ve been working on being honest about my bliss and then seeking that as my dream guide. I’m finding it has more to do with the relationships I have and being of service than the positions I used to want. Being a leader in the Organizational and Leadership Development field would be HOT!
    The super-secret, not really gona be a secret now… Martinez 2020… YEP!
    Though perhaps I should start with town council, or something and oh yeah… financial donors for a super fly campaign. The likelihood of a single-mother, Latina, conservative-Democrat being elected in this country…
    Living a life with people I love and who love me… that’s way more warm and fuzzy
    Ultimately… a daughter who lives her dream… which may make me a manager of a rock star :)

    • Our Hero says:

      Amazing. Like all really great Dreams, yours are not purely about selfish gain, and include greater good concerns.

      The only thing I’d suggest would be to continue to focus on the possibility of things; take a look at what you wrote and try to pick out the number of negatives. The whole first bit. The likelihood of being elected. Dreaming is not a critical-thinking exercise, as I have learned. It’s a pure moment of letting go of reason altogether. Not that long ago, an African-American president seemed like a pipe dream. So, you want to do it too? Why the hell not? Planning can come later. It starts with a vision, regardless of how improbable.

      After all, the best way to teach our children to pursue their dreams is by example.

    • Our Hero says:

      That being said, your POTUS dream was by far the most audacious of anyone who replied, which earns you bonus points.

      You are a very formidable woman, Sarah. We all see it. I hope it’s clear, I’m encouraging you to reach for as much as you can grab. If there’s ever anything Rachel and I can do to help to pursue your vision, you know you can count on us.

  3. Miguel Zambrana says:

    call your dream!! or engineer your transgression in speech. Don’t be afraid. Im gonna have my very own global scientific investigations to innovations company and patent every little thing so I can control what goes to the market and promote global equality and peace. Plus a lot of other things.

    • Our Hero says:

      Miguel! Great to hear from you. Writing it down makes it real in a way that keeping it inside cannot.

      Your Dream is very inspiring. I would encourage you to take stock and prioritize in order to make sure that, even when life is busy and challenging, you are still taking tangible (even if small) steps forward in the direction of your Dream. I am always here for encouragement or if I can help in any way.

  4. kaila brito says:

    I have so many dreams it sometimes scares me in the depths of my soul. A few of my dream are selfish but I think the scariest aspect of my dreams are the ones that I want to produce for others.
    I want so badly to create multiple successful non-profits where I can help the least of these, the babies forgotten, the innocence in the sweet boys and girls in filthy situations whom all they have ever known is abuse and evils of this world, to show them someone loves and cares enough to dedicate their whole heart and entire day to bring them some love and hope. I’m afraid that if I fail to produce them in to our realm of reality… what does that mean for them, or on a more selfish level what does that mean for my future heart ache?
    I believe that they will come true. I’ve learned that fear can cripple if we let it, but passion and light are always stronger than fear and darkness. :) Thanks for sharing Hero! Very inspiring!!

    • Our Hero says:

      Well said. Knowing you Kaila, and how far you have come in a very short time, I acknowledge the following as fact: if you can get truly focused on your goal, you will achieve it, sooner or later.

      Now that you have declared your Dream, and it has now been transformed into a Goal, when you are ready you can determine your next steps. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

  5. Carol King says:

    Great post and it is so true what you say about people being embarassed about their dreams. My dream is to have an A List Blog, the kind of blog that attracts over 1 million targeted visitors per day. Also I would like to write a book on healthy eating for Caribbean people living with diabetes as that is a very big issues where I live. Cheers to Awesome Goals,

    • Our Hero says:

      Hey Carol, thanks for stopping by again.

      Those are fantastic goals, and very achievable. A quote that I really like goes like this:

      “If you have built castles in the sky
      Let not your dreams go to waste;
      Just build the foundations under them.”

      ― Henry David Thoreau

      You are building the foundation with your blog, and it’s not a matter of if, but when, as long as you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “I did all I could today to achieve my goal.”

      Keep going, never give up.

  6. Jeyna Grace says:

    True. People should speak more of their dreams.. then they would work harder to achieve it.

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