Clip Show Part One! A Recap of Our Hero’s Journey So Far

“I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be, until finally I became that person. Or he became me.”  — Cary Grant

Well, it has been almost eight months since I undertook this Heroic Quest to seize control of my Life, such as it is, and chase with best possible speed those Dreams which have thus far eluded me. In layman’s terms, I have made a diligent and somewhat organized effort to become a working writer of Entertainments, quit my day job at the parking meter factory, and hopefully become a more fully realized version of myself. Whatever that means.

So, it feels like it’s time to reflect. In the past 2/3 of a year, I have launched a modestly successful blog with literally tens of loyal followers. In addition, I have written some new material and entered a handful of contests, although none of the entries have been finalists. I still have my day job, much to my own personal brand of chagrin.

“What’s that you say, sport? They’re going to remake this picture with Adam Sandler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and K-Stew?”
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I feel like Macaulay Connor (capably portrayed by Jimmy Stewart) in the Philadelphia Story. He’s a published author of short stories, who, after the release of his modestly successful but little read book, resorts to writing for a tabloid to make ends meet. Except I write business proposals to sell parking meters to places like Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. And I don’t get to trade barbs with Katharine Hepburn or Carey Grant. I mainly use up all of my good material on our IT guy, Pardeep. He’s a good guy, very serious minded, and it’s not quite the same. Call mine The Saskatoon Story.But this is a Heroic tale, so while there have been setbacks and frustration, Our Hero is resilient. While I have not won a single contest, I have written several new pieces, each with great Potential. I refer to such momentary disappointments as Noble Defeats. And while the blog hasn’t exactly blown up yet, it is followed by some very successful Writers of notable acclaim, which is very encouraging. Plus, despite a wealth of distraction and a raging case of Shiny Object Syndrome, I have managed to keep the blog going. This is a milestone in and of itself, since I have a long and sordid history of incomplete projects, unfinished symphonies, etc. Sometimes, I even have a hard time concluding sente….. (ha!).

I have also taken part in industry seminars, made connections with successful writers and agents, and even identified Mentors. I have gotten script consultant feedback and publisher notes for a non-fiction book project. More importantly, I am writing more than ever, and responding to the mandates of my runaway Imaginations.

So, while I am not a Hollywood success story yet, I am going to operate as if I am. That is, until I become me.

Next Time: Lessons Learned From the Quest So Far

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