Putting on your Hero Pants, one leg at a time

“None of us is as smart as all of us.  ”

– Ken  Blanchard   

Why am I writing a blog? It’s an innocent question, and one that friends are asking me these days. The answer is not very simple, but here goes. I want to shrink the Planet Earth like a sweater and triple jump to the Moon. And I want to cheer for you and help you do it too. Allow me to explain.

I used to have a really great argyle Sweater. It was warm and wool and retro classy. I wore it a lot, and I felt like very Heroic in it. It was like Armor against the cold, dull workdays.

Unfortunately, one Black Day, I carelessly tossed my Armor in the dryer and tragically transformed the Sweater into a sweater (note the use of lowercase).

"I'll just box this sweater up for a couple of decades until my pants migrate north".

“I’ll just box this sweater up for a couple of decades until my pants migrate north”.

For some reason, it didn’t feel quite as Heroic afterward. I donated the sweater to a needy fourth grader.

For Christmas this year, my Wife bought me a really great pair of Pants. They are heavy, like jeans, but they are dark green and sort of velvety (velvet-esque? velveteen?) to the touch. I feel good in them, Heroic even. My bare legs are pasty and hairy, without a single Noble attribute. But in my Pants, they are stout and powerful. I can triple jump like an Olympian. My Pants are like Enchanted Armor for my southern hemisphere. Everyone has had Pants like these at one time. Maybe you are wearing Hero Pants right now.

Not one week after receiving my Pants, a Cataclysmic Event occured. My Gentle and Benevolent Wife, the Pants-bearing Wife who delivered me both comfort and joy, had washed my Hero Pants in the same load with our daughters’ winter coats. Waiting, like a time bomb, in the pocket of our eldest daughter’s coat, was an innocent, harmless little red crayon. Not only were the girls’ coats peppered with red, waxy stains, but my much loved and lovable Pants (audible sobbing)…

I received the following email from Rachel at work:

The girl’s coats and your pants are ruined.  Ella had crayons in the pockets and I never checked.  I usually do.  Didn’t this time.  All is lost.

O cruel Fate! O damnable laundry-related Woe!

But before I even returned home from work, Rachel had consulted the Oracle (Googled it) and was provided a Solution, and I quote…

“Spray with Oxy Clean stain remover, let sit for 10 minutes, throw into wash machine with 1/2 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup Oxy Clean laundry detergent on hottest setting, let fill up & agitate, then turn machine off and let it sit for an hour.”

By the time I arrived at Home, my Hero Pants were folded on the couch before me, crayon-free.

This is what following our Dreams is like – we hit a roadblock, but we don’t just toss out the Sweater with the bathwater. We ask around, find a solution, take what other people tried, if it works we share it…that’s what my blog is aiming to do.

If you think about it, as the global community has gotten smaller, shrunken like an argyle sweater, the impossible has become possible. In ancient times, great Leaps Forward were often achieved in relative isolation, and this information travelled glacially. The invention of the printing press, telegraph, telephone, radio, television and the internet have accelerated the pace of information sharing, collaboration and competition. Today, news of landmark discoveries are sent streaming across the Globe in seconds via Social Networking. Landmark discoveries like the cure for crayon marks on Hero Pants.

I believe that this is why Mankind was able to progress from the Industrial Revolution to mass producing automobiles in a little over a century, from the Wright Brothers to the Apollo 11 moon landing in just over fifty years, and from Pong  to Call of Duty in even less time. Information is more accessible and more easily acquired than ever before, and the pace is still increasing.

There is no reason that the average Joe cannot take advantage of this access. I’m trying to acclerate the achievement of my goal and the goals of others who join me on my Journey. And I can’t do it without my Hero Pants.

Tell me about your Armor… What helps you brave the elements and face Challenges? Maybe it’s an excellent Hat, or if you are my boss, an overweening sense of Self-Satisfaction.

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8 Responses to Putting on your Hero Pants, one leg at a time

  1. Carol King says:

    Hahaha thank you, I’d like to think so. I love to laugh, I love a challenge, meeting new people and discovering new things, that’s what makes life exciting to me.

  2. Carol King says:

    Yep I’m joining you on your quest….hooo raahhh :-)

  3. natalie says:

    I am committed to joining you on Your Journey, looking forward to each new Venture!!

  4. rachel says:

    Seriously, one of the best days of my life – getting crayon out of already washed & dried pants and coats.

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