The Call to Adventure

Cover of "Say Anything"

Cover of Say Anything

Like many people, I am living an inauthentic life. This is an easy trap to fall into. Don’t get me wrong. I am in love with my Wife and I adore my Kids. It’s my job. I spend all day writing business proposals to sell parking meters and citation processing services to municipal government agencies. God has an impeccable sense of humor, since I have accumulated thousands of dollars in parking ticket fees and fines over the years. I’m the City‘s best effing customer.

It’s not that I dream of selling something more interesting, or something more prestigious. To paraphrase the legendary Lloyd Dobler, I don’t want to sell anything, or buy anything or process anything. I want to write Stories. I don’t want to do anything else.

Everyone has a dream that they harbor in Secret Places. The reason that it often stays hidden is because dreams are usually impractical. I have a stable career. We have mouths to feed. A mortgage to pay. My Wife‘s Groupon addiction to finance. How many furnace cleanings does one house need anyway?

I’m afraid to to take any Risks. That’s my problem.

In order to realize a Dream, one has to be Fearless. I have to embrace the Call to Adventure.

You know who else was living an inauthentic life before his heroic quest? Luke Skywalker. He was pining away on his moisture farm, longing for excitement and adventure, cleaning his droids, when bam, adventure came calling.

Or Neo. He was toiling in a cubicle when his heroic opportunity to do IT-related kung-fu in The Matrix arose.

My Call to Adventure is here. I have to embrace it.

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4 Responses to The Call to Adventure

  1. strawberryquicksand says:

    My call to adventure would be either selling up the house, buying a caravan or boat and driving/sailing round the country living in caravan/boat. It would be a cheap and authentic lifestyle and, heck! If you didn’t like the neighbours, you could move on! The other thing I would love to do, failing that, is to go almost completely off the grid. Buy an enormous block of land in the middle of nowhere and plonk a house right in the middle of it. Solar power, an orchard, cows, and chickens, veggie patch, water tanks, etc…. my only concession would be an internet connection. Somehow. :)

    • Our Hero says:

      That is an awesome would-be Adventure. What’s holding you back? How can we get you there?

      • strawberryquicksand says:

        Haha time I guess. The market in the area where we own a property is just shite and since we owe $360 000 on the place and invested $100 000 of our own money in it… we will have to wait for the market to pick up.**blows raspberry**

      • Our Hero says:

        Hi! If you have a moment, can you please hit the follow button on my blog again? We changed our domain, and I’d like to stay in contact to see if maybe you have found an alternate route to your adventure. Thanks!

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